Welcome to JPB’s cogeneration plant

Our cogeneration plant features the latest advances in energy production from wood waste such as railroad ties, utility poles and other types of wood residues from the construction industry. We repurpose 90,000 tons of wood every year to be used as biomass to produce 9.75 Megawatts of electricity daily.

Wood collection

The main source of fuel used is wood waste, treated and post-consumption wood that are collected to be recovered as biomass in our plant. We work in partnership with leaders of the Canadian economy such as the Canadian Pacific Railway, Canadian National Railway, Hydro-Quebec, Hydro-One and Bell Canada for the recovery of poles and railroad ties.

Our crushing facility

On average, more than 100 tons of the wood stored in our 420,000 sq. foot wood yard is crushed daily into wood chips. The wood is transported to our facility which has a crushing capacity of approximately 280,000 metric tons per year, or the equivalent of approximately 300,000 telephone poles or 3,000,000 railroad ties.

Burning Wood Chips

The crushed wood chips are fed by worm screws into a furnace, commonly called the combustion chamber. The wood chips are burned entirely as a they fuel to generate heat at a very high temperature heat to boil the water in a furnace via heat exchange. A small amount of residual ashes are discharged under the furnace by conveyors.

Generating High Pressure Steam

In turn, the thermal energy produced  transforms the hot water into high-pressure, high-temperature steam, called superheated steam inside the furnace. This steam is fed into a steam turbine to activate an electrical power generator. This electrical energy is controlled and directed to transformers before being delivered to the power grid.

Energy Conversion

In the transformer room, the turbine drives the alternator for optimal electricity output. The energy produced is fed into the public power grid, while a small portion is self-consumed by the plant’s operations, making it a carbon neutral manufacturer of electricity!


Some of our achievements


90,000 Tons of Recycled Wood per Year

Once intended to be buried, electrical and telephone poles, railroad ties, road and highway guardrails are now given a new purpose thanks to JPB.

4 500 Homes Powered / Year

Our plant generates 9.75 Megawatts of electricity daily. This represents the electricity supply for 4 500 single-family homes.

A Purely Ecological Initiative

We contribute more to the environment and to the protection of our forests since all materials in our cogeneration plant are fully recycled. There is no residue left at the end of the recycling and recovery process.