Recuperation / collection

Construction wood

Built to conform to environmental standards, a place of 420, 000 square feet is used for the recuperation of treated wood from companies in various spheres of activity such as railways, electric power plants, road transportation, construction and telecommunications.

We offer a collect service in the provinces of Quebec,Ontario and Manitoba as well as in New England states. Materials can be shipped by lorry, train or by boat (port of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield nearby, 1 KM.)

Transformation and revaluing of recuperated materials are made in the exploitation plan of JPB Industries. Its area of 25, 000 square feet includes the main factory, a sawmill (capacity of about 3, 000, 000 linear feet a year) and two warehouses.


As soon as they arrive, posts are measured and metals are removed from it. After the species of wood is identified, the following forms of reuse are considered:

  • Framework posts
  • Electricity pylon
  • Timber wood (off standard for electricity pylons)

Posts are available in sizes from 8 to 65 feet. We also offer timber wood and blocks for crash barriers.

Posts which don’t meet the norms are transformed into beams of irregular sizes, up to 34 feet in lenght, to be used on building sites:

  • Retaining wall
  • Deck for temporary bridge
  • Framework beam
  • Crash barriers for roads and highways
  • Crane mattress for excavation works


Poteau hydro électrique

Posts and cutting waste which can not be reused as such are crushed in wooden shavings helpful in the development of new energy concepts such as cogeneration (production of thermic and mechanical energy in the same installation), used in cement works, thermal power stations and paper-maker industry, among other places.

Therfore, a product transformed in our facilities gets a second life. The grinding capacity is 280, 000 metric tons a year. It is the equivalent of about 300, 000 telephone posts and 3, 000, 000 railway ties.

We offer an added value to the environment and to the protection of forests because our products are transformed and recycled in 100 %. There is no waste at the end of the line of recycling and transformation process:

  • Metals are resold and given a new useful life ;
  • Used oil from the machinery and the vehicles are sent to companies which reuse them.

Licence and installations

Untreated wood shredded

JPB Industries holds a licence of compliance for the transformation of treated wood issued by the Department of Durable Development, Environment and Parks Quebec. The process developed by JPB Industries is covered by this certificate.

Licence reference: On demand

Our exploitation plan is located in the industrial zone of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield. It covers a surface of more than 400 000 square feet. Its distinctive feature is to be naturally waterproof.

The rainwater is recuperated in a ditch around the perimeter of the site while the quality of the subterranean waters is controlled by four piezometers. Furthermore, a 12 feet high embankment is set up all around the ditch, to provide an added protection against fire.

The exploitation plan consists of 5 buildings:

  1. A grinding factory with a surface of 11, 000 square feet which is the base for the operations of dumping on a concrete platform. This building is where grinding and storing of wooden shavings take place under a controlled atmosphere (negative pressure).
  2. A sawmill used for resizing posts. Of a capacity of 3,000,000 linear feet, this building is also under controlled atmosphere (negative pressure).
  3. Two stores adding up to 20 000 square feet to store the posts intended for sale.
  4. An administrative office also used as a rest area adding up to 1, 200 square feet.